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Downloading and upgrading SOLVE/RESOLVE

The current version of the SOLVE/RESOLVE package is version 2.13.

Please note:  One license is good for all machines at your institution for all versions from 2.00 to 2.99 (it goes in "solve2.access" and the upgrade is free for academic/non-profits)

There are three easy parts to installing SOLVE/RESOLVE on your system:

Once you have SOLVE/RESOLVE installed you can view the manuals just by typing "solvehelp".

1. First you need to choose the file that matches your computer. If none does, then you can get a version compiled on your computer directly by emailing me at "". Each download file contains "solve" and "solve_giant" and "solve_huge". Same for RESOLVE. The giant-size and even bigger huge versions are for huge unit cells and are not usually necessary. Also if you have a really enormous unit cell you may need an even bigger version which you can receive by emailing me directly.

 If your computer is a...  Then copy this file (NOTE: you can access these with http only; no ftp access is available)...
Alpha running Digital (Tru-64) Unix solve-2.13-alpha.tar.gz
SGI (R5000 or higher, most Octanes) solve-2.13-sgi.tar.gz
linux (Red Hat 7.3 or Fedora 3 or higher on Pentium III or higher) solve-2.13-linux.tar.gz
linux (64 bit) solve-2.13-linux-64.tar.gz
Mac OSX (Tiger) Thanks to Luca Jovine and Ralf Grosse-Kunstleve!


All other machines (and some SGI Octanes which won't run SGI version of SOLVE) email for source to compile on your machine.

2. Here is how to get the file containing the SOLVE and RESOLVE programs from the web, uncompress it, and put the files in the right places on your system. (Note that you can substitute any directory you want for "/usr/local/lib/solve" in the install.csh script and then set the environmental variable SOLVEDIR to point to that directory in everyone's .login or .login_custom file.)

 				wget ""
 gunzip solve*.gz 
 tar xof solve*.tar
 cd solve-2.13/  

  setenv SYMOP /usr/local/lib/solve/symop.lib  

  setenv SYMINFO /usr/local/lib/solve/syminfo.lib  

3. Here is how to set up your solve2.access file. After your license is completed you should receive an email from us with the two lines of information for the solve2.access file. (Note that the old solve.access file for version 1 won't work any more.) They will look like:

  License for SOLVE/RESOLVE version 2 expiring 01-jan-03  X89A943951

If you have problems getting SOLVE/RESOLVE going then:

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