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Los Alamos Structural Genomics Team Facilities


Facilities at the Health Research Laboratory (Los Alamos)

The structural genomics facility is equipped with a cold room (250 sq. foot), 2 Beckman ultra-centrifuges, 2 high speed centrifuges, 2 table top centrifuges, 2 medium speed centrifuges, 6 micro-centrifuges, several freezers, 3 low and high temperature incubators, 3 culture shakers, 5 fermentors (Bioflow 2000, 3000, New Brunswick Sci. Inc.), automatic liquid handling systems (Alpine, Biomek 2000) and bio-robot system (Biorobot 9600), cell disruption units (French press, Dynamill, sonicators), and protein purification systems (ISCO FPLC, Amersham Pharmacia FPLC, ACTA FPLC, two BioCAD 700E, one BioCAD Sprint, ACTAxpress Workstations).  The facility also houses a gel documentation system, 2 PHAST gel-electrophoresis systems, a dynamic light scattering unit (Dyna Pro), a fluorometer, a UV/VIS spectrophotometer, and a vacuum dryer. 


Facilities at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

The LANL Structural Genomics team has a share in ALS beam lines 5.0.1 and 5.0.2 operated by Berkeley Center for Structural Biology (BCSB), with one day per month pre allocated beam time at one of these beam lines.  These beam lines have very reliable track records and high productivity since operation.  Beamline 5.0.2 is equipped with a top of the line ADSC Q315 CCD detector capable of conducting the hardest crystallography tasks.  The 5.0.1 beam line has a ADSC Q210 CCD which is reliable and sufficient for most of cases.  In addition to standard crystallographic beam line setup, Both beam lines are equipped with robotic sample mounter for high throughput crystal screening and data collection. 



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